The drop

The drop that overflows everything I have inside, when anything that hurts outside vibrates Advertisements

You who laugh without shame

“y tu que te ries sin vergüenza vives cada momento debido, y cantas cuando la luna no se levanta tu que no esquivas la dulce descomposición de los sueños que te rebelas y te niegas a ser pequeña y eliges este camino inconcluso por sobre la ordenada arquitectura del genocidio tu eres mi nación” Cynthia … Continue reading

Building Effective Solidarity – Workshop notes

Last month I attended a workshop organised by more than ten groups* based in the UK, who organise in active solidarity with struggles locally all over the world. This event was part of The Spark 2016. The workshop was divided into a series of sessions seeking to answer some of these questions: How can we … Continue reading

Inspiration: No Cause is an Island

No Cause is an Island  New report published by the Common Cause Foundation. Regardless of which values people currently hold as important, when they are presented with a message that speaks about a cause in terms of social justice, equality, unity with nature… (intrinsic values) they are more likely to support that cause than when the … Continue reading