Building Effective Solidarity – Workshop notes


Last month I attended a workshop organised by more than ten groups* based in the UK, who organise in active solidarity with struggles locally all over the world. This event was part of The Spark 2016.

The workshop was divided into a series of sessions seeking to answer some of these questions:

  • How can we use the media- without getting used by the media?
  • Which tactics are effective- and how can we make them work for our different movements?
  • What do we mean when we talk about solidarity?
  • What does decolonising our movement and working with intersectionality actually mean- and how can we try to make sure we’re not reproducing the same structures we’re fighting against within our groups?

It was a day full of inspirational stories and people, generously sharing their experiences and dilemmas. The image above is an attempt to capture at least a glimpse of the essence of what was discussed and keep it present.


*Organised by: London Palestine Action, Women4Syria, Bahraini Institute for Rights and Democracy, London Latinx, Campaign Against Arms Trade, Wretched of the Earth, Kurdistan National Congress, Jubliee Debt Campaign, Iraqi Transnational Collective, London Mining Network, Palestinian Boycott National Committee, People & Planet, London Mexico Solidarity


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