Reflections wall: Compiling 5 months of thoughts and more…

(Abajo en español)

5 months outside of London, 5 months without writing a post here and 5 months filled with reflections.

In order to make some sense out of them I decided to have a creative session of doodling, writing and improvisation as a result creating a “Reflections Wall” for the compilation of ideas. In the end I was left with 6 main think-topics that I turned into little folders of reflections.

In following posts I will share some of the contents inside each one of them.


5 meses fuera de Londres, 5 meses sin escribir en este blog y 5 meses llenos de reflexiones.

Para poder darles sentido decidi tener una sesión creativa garabateando, escribiendo e improvisando, creando como resultado una “Pared de Reflecciones” para la compilación de ideas. Al final obtuve 6 tópicos principales que convertí en pequeñas carpetas de reflecciones.

En los próximos posts compartiré algunos de los contenidos dentro de cada una de ellas.

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  1. […] Bellow are extracts from a lovely poem by Miguel Hernández depicting the mistery of human understanding, quite related to the topics explored on the previous post on Respect and which is now an addition to this folder on my Reflections Wall. […]

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