On “How can we protect global resources and tackle overconsumption?”

What is overconsumption
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Michael Warhurst of Friends of The Earth Europe introduced tonights talk on Europe’s Responsibility over their use of resources exploring the questions:
“What is resource use?”, “What are we using?” and “Where does it come from?”,
thinking not only about the effects on climate change and carbon footprints but also considering impacts related to water footprint, land and material use.
To explain the problems derived from unsustainable overconsumption of resources, two representatives of friends of the earth Brazil and Togo, Bruna and Mensah respectively, discussed how the production of bauxite and cotton for export is affecting their people’s livelihoods not only harming their lands and ecosystems but also allowing completely unfair trades and even destroying local economies.
With a desire to continue the discussion and help bring attention to these subjects, in following posts I will illustrate with more detail some of the issues that were raised.

For more information go to:
www.natbrasil.org.br y www.amiterre.tg

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  1. […] Even more, Mensah explained last Tuesday how the water available in those remote destinations wouldn’t even be suitable for transforming in our countries, the cotton imported from Togo farmers for the production of cheap, disposable clothes we are so used to buying. (See previous post for more info). […]

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