Discussions of Sustainability

As Ezio Manzini notes, “unconventional ways of thinking are, or could be, the seeds that could engender, context permiting, the plants capable of generating the new ideas of wellbeing, production and economy needed so badly today.”1

Question: Could the study of these lifestyle alternatives contribute to discussions and routes towards sustainability?

1. Meroni, Anna. Creative Communities. Milano, It: Edizioni Poli.design, 2007. eBook.

2 Responses to “Discussions of Sustainability”
  1. giona83na says:

    I am a big fan of Ezio Manzini and I do believe that there is the potential to generate new ideas to foster wellbeing, more sustainable forms of production and healthy economy. Actually the process is altready kicking in and new creative projects emerge from time to time giving examples for better practices.
    The current exploration of a new ways of living which pay more attention to the implications of habits and the social advantages that come out of better ones deserve close attention and need to be pushed forward. Ideally basic but effective new practices could be implemented into established routines and be a manifesto as well the basic guideline for further improvements. If such better practices gain visibility and reveal the practicality of the adoption they can be more viable, have wider impact and have the opportunity to network what at the moment is still are fragmented and pioneering practices that challenge an old and creaky system.

    • Thank you very much for your comment Giona. I specially like your use of the term “pioneering practices”, it is indeed a great way to articulate the nature of these activities; As you say, emergent, alternative forms of organising our lives are not steps back but instead could contribute in directing us forward to more just, satisfactory societies.

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